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accessories-Tub-Mount-Railing-for-BellaHere are the top 4 Hot Tub accessories to enhance your fall soak time.

1. Hot Tub Caddy

Enjoy to cooler air with a warm drink. Cool evenings and warm drinks go together like  A Spa or Hot Tub Caddy adds luxury and convenience.  It attaches to the side of your spa and has a hook for your towel. 

2. New Filter

Not only for the fall, change your hot tub filters on a regular basis.  Even if you use an ozone system, it may be time to renew and replace. New filters keep the hot tub water clean and you won't have to adjust the chemicals as frequently.

3. Hot Tub Cover

Check you cover - purchasing a new cover will help reduce your electric bill and keep your hot tub warm.  Your heater won't turn on as often, improving the element life.  The cover does more than anything else to make your hot tub more energy-efficient. It conserves heat by forming a close seal around the edges. That means it takes less time to heat up every time you want to relax. Even though Hot tub covers are made to last, they will wear out.

If your hot tub cover has dips, if it looks weathered, or has deteriorating vinyl - replace it. Save time, save money, save stress.

4. Deluxe Spa Headrest

When you are completely relaxed in your hot tub, set your head back on a headrest.  We have many to fit your tub and you head.

Contact Casual Patio Pools Spas and More has these accessories and more.  Stop into our Katy TX location and find an add on that will help you enjoy your hot tub this fall.