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hot tub coverHow to maintain your Hot Tub cover.

Here in the Houston area, we get lots of sunshine.  This can cause wear on your hot tub cover.  Casual Patios, Pools, Spas and More are dedicated to service your Houston Above Ground Pool and Spa needs.  Below are some tips on how to maintain your hot tub cover.

Cleaning of your hot tub cover must be a part of monthly maintenance. Dirt will scuff the top coating of the cover and will cause wear on the material, the folds and seams; a worn cover will fall apart.

Routine cleaning, prior to application of vinyl protectant:
  • Rinse with cool water using a garden hose
  • Spray with a gentle, non-foaming cleaner and wipe clean.
  • Never use laundry detergent, beach, abrasives, alcohol based cleaners, or dish soaps cleaners.
  • NOTE: be sure to remove tree sap using a bit of vegetable oil
  • Rinse with water and allow your hot tub cover to dry.

Repeat monthly

How to remove mildew from the inside of the hot tub cover

  • Unzip the jacket and remove the foam cores
  • Clean the inside of the jacket with cover cleaner and a soft brush.
  • Clean the core's plastic vapor barrier.
  • Spray off surfaces with garden hose.
  • Towel-dry all surfaces, and allow for additional air-dry time of the jacket.
  • Sunlight exposure for an hour or two helps rid residual mildew from inside the jacket.
  • Foam core should be kept in the shade while drying.
  • Carefully reassemble when dry.
  • Note: If foam core is rotten and waterlogged, cover requires replacement.

If you need a new cover, contact us and we'll help you out.