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Senior-Couple-in-Hot-TubChemicals in your Hot Tub

Casual Patio has created an inviting custom patio, and installed a new hot tub.  Lush green plants and carefully selected lighting give a peaceful mood.  It all can go to waste if the color of your water is the same as the shrubs.

Follow these few guidelines so you can spend more time in your hot tub and less fixing the water.


Bacteria, algae, and viruses love warm water, so you must use sanitizers to keep the water clean. Chlorine and bromine are the two most used sanitizers but require checking so there is not too little or too much water.  Check the chlorine or bromine levels with test strips and change the amount of sanitizer based on the results.

Ozone technology is available on our hot tubs and are excellent options to destroy bacteria reduce the amount of sanitizer you use.

Water Balance

And you thought you would never use anything from your High School Chemistry class.  Understanding and maintaining your hot tub's pH level along with its alkalinity, calcium level (hardness), are important aspects of your hot tub water.  Test regularly (i.e. monthly), add the appropriate amount of balancing agent, wait 20 minutes and retest..

Shock Treatment

Some people think this is only necessary if you are raising teenagers.  Shock treatments break down the residue from your sanitizers and other contaminants.  Balance the water once a week, and do a shock treatment after a rain storm, water change.  It is also advisable after heavy use or a backyard party with friends and family.

If you are unsure how to manage your water quality, give us a call.