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critters-pests-in-hot-tubHot tubs are incredibly relaxing and attract people to them frequently. Owning a hot tub means that people will always want to come over and enjoy the soothing and healing powers of the heated water.

Just like hot tubs attract people, they may be a magnet for unwanted bugs and critters. Let's go over some of the most common hot tub pests and give you some tips on preventing them from becoming a drain on time, money, and resources.

Household Pets (dogs, cats)

One good piece of advice is to keep pets or neighbor's pets away from your hot tub. This means NOT leaving food or drinks behind that may attract any neighborhood animals that may wander nearby (and other pests). As an extra security measure, you can always install a gate all the way around your hot tub to keep away larger animals.

PREVENT cover damage by keeping animals OFF of the hot tub cover. If it doesn't seal properly, it's not going to keep everything it needs to OUT.