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Portrait-of-beautiful-woman-inHow to Buy a Spa

Buying an Hot Tub is a big decision. Like shopping for anything else, the more you know the better.  So you don't get soaked (pun intended) do a little research, ask the staff at Casual Patio of Houston TX a lot of questions.

Here is a list of issues to consider when buying an hot tub:
  • Learn about the hot tub's features, quality of components, maintenance and use features.
  • When the spa is not in use, does the water always remain hot and clean?
  • How is the seating configured; are you able to move about easily?
  • Does the dealer's service include your area?
  • Take a tub test soak to get the full effect.
  • Can the jets move to customize your massage experience?
  • Is the water filtered 24 hours a day?
  • Can you adjust the filtration cycles?
  • What features are automatic?
  • Are the hot tub controls easy to use and understand?
  • What energy efficiency components are added?
  • What is the manufacturers warranty?
  • Stability - How long does the manufacturer been in business?
  • How long has the dealer been in business?  Compare it to our longevity - 25 years.

Make sure your set and stick to your budget.  Casual Patio Pools Spad & More has an hot tub for every budget! 

Beware of the inexpensive flashy no name spas sold by some of the big box variety stores. These spas are normally built to a price spec, not a quality specification. And they probably send the service to some third party.

Service is a major concern with your Hot Tub purchase. When you buy a spa off the Internet or stores that don't have factory trained technicians in the greater Houston Texas area, you're gambling with your check book.