applauseapplause rightNow is the time to schedule your new above ground pool installation.

The pandemic is winding down and Texas is opening up.

Get back to enjoying friends and families with a new pool.

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bad-used-hot-tubIs buying a used hot tub worth it?

Short Answer: Maybe

Of course if you purchase a new hot tub from us, you can be confident that it
  • works
  • has a guarantee
  • no leaks
  • zero "unkown mold" problems
  • will be installed correctly

If you are looking on Craigslist or other websites - Be careful - Here are some tips:
  • The seller should identify problems
  • When you first see it, the hot tub should be filled with water. 
  • The water should be hot, with pumps and blowers running
  • Look for water pooling around the edges of the tub.  If you see some, there may be a leak
  • Do all the buttons work?  Push them and see what they do
  • Look at the filtration system - is it relatively clean?
  • The seller should be open to having a professional look at it (like Northcoast Spas)
Also, you will need to be able to transport, position, and level your used hot tub. 

Or, buy new from Casual Patio and eliminate any worries.