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Houston-TX-Above-Ground-Pool-Mother-and-Child-SwimmingOwning a hot tub is not much work.  To keep it operating at peak condition, here are 5 tips for maintaining a hot tub.

Because of the heated water, bacteria and algae growth are the first conditions to watch. The water should be sanitized and chemicals checked.

Below is a list of conditions to be checked.  On a daily basis, you'll only need 10 minutes; monthly will only take 5 minutes.

Daily Maintenance

1) (2 minutes) Keep the PH between 7.4 and 7.6.  On a daily basis check the PH balance in the hot tub. This holds down skin irritation and algae growth. Children and people with sensitive skin are usually affected when the PH is out of balance.

2) (3 minutes) Quickly check the filter and keep it clean. Clear out any junk - and you'll find most problems never occur.

3) (3 minutes) Check on the chemical level with a test kit.

Note: If you are using Chlorine reconsider this and use a chemical that is recommended for hot tub use. Always check and see what the manufacturer suggests for use.

4) (1 minute) Clean the rim of the hot tub.  Cleaning the rim regularly keeps the hot tub looking and feeling clean.

Monthly Maintenance

5) (5 minutes) Check the calcium hardness which should be between 100-200 MG/I.  Calcium can encrust the filter and cause water lines to form if it is not at an appropriate level.

These five maintenance tasks will help keep your hot tub clean and safe.

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