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Are Hot Tubs Safe To Use In The Summer?

If you follow a few simple tips you and your family can stay safe while using your hot tub in the hot summer months...

1) It's a good idea to wait until the sun goes down and there is time for the temperature outside to cool a bit.  Using the hot tub in the daytime hours while the sun is high and so is the temperature could be a dangerous idea

2) Always stay very hydrate before, during, and after your tub use. Also, steer clear of large amounts of alocohl while soaking in the tub since alcohol is likely to dehydrate you

3) Turn the temperature of the tub down.  Most tubs have a top out temp of 104 degrees.  Dialing this back even a few degrees will help.  Better yet make your tub a cool tub for the summer

Happy Hot Tubing!