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#1 Doughboy Above Ground Pool Dealer in Houston

Doughboy Pools

Palm Shore - Above Ground Pool

Palm Shore - Above Ground Pool

Palm Shore - Above Ground Pool

Palm Shore - Above Ground Pool

This is the most popular Above Ground Pool in Houston Texas. The strength of steel and the beauty of resin combine with an attractive pattern to create the backyard of your dreams.

Summerville - Above Ground Pool

Summerville - Above Ground Pool

Summerville - Above Ground Pool

Summerville - Above Ground Pool

A stylish wall pattern with a rugged silvertone frame makes a sturdy pool that’s fun and fits in any backyard. Available in 48" and 52" pool wall.

Silver Lake - Above Ground Pool

Silver Lake - Above Ground Pool

The Most Popular

Silver Lake - Above Ground Pool

Silver Lake - Above Ground Pool

The Most Popular

A beautifully designed marble pool wall with a sturdy steel frame that is built to last. Superior engineering to maximize your pool home improvement.

Copper Canyon - Above Ground Pool

Copper Canyon - Above Ground Pool

Copper Canyon - Above Ground Pool

Copper Canyon - Above Ground Pool

A beautiful design. As timeless as the classics, this beautiful pool will bring an “old-world” elegance with a southwest flair to your backyard. Available in 48" and 52" sidewalls.

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Houston's Top Doughboy Above Ground Pool Dealer

Houston's Top Doughboy Above Ground Pool Dealer

Come visit our showroom and see our displays of Doughboy above ground pools located in Katy; just a few minutes out of Houston on I-10.

Address: 3719 N. Fry Road,
Katy, Texas 77449

Call now: 281-599-3378

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Hot Tub Sales, Installation & Supplies

Hot Tub Sales, Installation & Supplies

At Casual Patio we offer only the best spas and hot tubs in Houston and the Katy area.

Relax with the most powerful therapy spa on the market with unique pulsating massage jets.

We deliver and install Nordic hot tubs around the Houston area.Beautiful design and comfort seating makes these spas the most comfortable and appealing Spa you will find. Come by our showroom to see for yourself why we are proud to sell Nordic hot tubs.

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Casual Patio designs & installs custom patios and gazebos at your Houston TX home.

Casual Patio designs & installs custom patios and gazebos at your Houston TX home.

Through a contractor, they will design & install a custom patio and/or a gazebo at your Houston TX home. From the natural feel of stone, to the elegant look of pavers to transform your space into a wonderful landscape.

You'll make the right choice. The contractor will discuss, in detail, and cover all the costs and benefits of the options available.

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Pool & Spa Chemicals, Floties, Grill Supplies, Water Purifieres, Games...

Pool & Spa Chemicals, Floties, Grill Supplies, Water Purifieres, Games...

If you need supplies, chemicals, or need a new floatie, Casual Patio has all the pool and spa accessories.

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We bring top contractors to install, repair & service your back yard

We bring top contractors to install, repair & service your back yard

Doughboy Above Ground Pool Installation, like any other major backyard project should be completed by professionals.

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Some Helpful

Frequently Asked Questions

When you have a cloudy pool, it can be a very difficult and time-consuming process to get it clear. Sometimes, your swimming pool will turn cloudy overnight!

Improper or imbalanced chemicals: An improper chemical balance might mean there is too much or too little chlorine, the pH and alkalinity is imbalanced, or the water has high calcium hardness levels.

Faulty filter: Poor filtration means you might not be running your filter long enough or the filter is dirty, which results in poor water circulation.

Environmental factors and debris (particles): Dust, pollen, and leaves can build up in your filter and impede the cleaning process. Insects, bird droppings, and run-off water after a storm also contribute to cloudy pool water. Run-off water brings nitrates, phosphates, and other chemicals into your pool.
Salt water swimming pools easier to maintain, with no chlorine odor. It was supposed to be a community swimming pool, but many people stayed away because they couldn't tolerate the biting, nose-curdling odor of chlorine. Others experienced breathing and skin problems.

Traditional pools, on the other hand, require the pool owner to add a large dose of chlorine and other chemicals on a regular basis, which can result in an irritating odor. Instead of being regenerated, the chlorine is “consumed” as it sanitizes the water. “It’s a whole lot easier to maintain,” says Peggy Hayes of Lafayette, La., who converted her family pool to a salt water pool a few years ago. “We haven’t spent nearly as much in chemicals. It feels softer when you swim and there is no bleaching out of swimsuits, so clothes last longer. “If anyone is wondering what system to go with, I’d definitely go with salt water. I’d recommend it to anybody.”
Testing the pH of water tells you how acidic or basic the water is at the moment of testing. Pure, unpolluted water normally has a pH level of 7, which is neutral (neither acidic nor basic). The pH level of water can provide information on potential contamination, and can be an important precaution for protecting the health of people, animals, and vegetation.
Chlorine smell is due to the chlorine and chloramines layered on the skin after using the pool. So removing the chlorine and chloramines contents are the solution to remove this smell. As soon as you exit from the pool, stand in the hot shower with the max temperature you can for at least 2-3 mins.
You may be looking into moving to a place with a pool or thinking of building one in your own backyard. Owning a pool is sure to be a luxurious treat for yourself and your family. You get your own relaxation area on warm summer days, a space for fun parties, or the opportunity to choose swimming as your exercise of choice. However, owning a pool is not all recreation and leisure. Additional work is required for its upkeep. Making sure your pool has no visible dirt or trash is not enough. Proper maintenance is required to ensure that your pool is always clean and safe to swim in. Putting effort into maintaining a pool correctly guarantees its prolonged life, decreasing the need for repairs, and the overall wellness to everyone who may use it.
Pools should be drained during the mild seasons to prevent unnecessary sun, heat, or moisture damage to the pool surfaces and filtration systems.

In almost all cases, pools should not ever be drained for cleaning, as this can be done underwater.

Pools should not be drained after significant rain or storms as the water table will add extra pessure to the bottom of your pool.
Believe it or not, an above ground pool can be every bit as large, if not larger, than an inground pool. For example, a 30' round above ground pool actually has more area than a 18x36 inground pool. Notwithstanding, with an above ground you're generally limited to one uniform depth throughout.
Because of this crazy cost of in-grounds, homeowners are finding a less expensive option by getting an above ground pool and sinking it in the ground. I have seen above grounds in the ground for many years and it’s nothing new, but it has certainly become much more popular in the last 10 years or so. It seems like at least one person asks me about this every day. So, if you are considering sinking an above ground swimming pool in the ground, you’ve found the right blog post.
When purchasing an above ground pool, there are 3 main cost areas:
  • The price of the kit itself (normally $3–7k)
  • The price of the installation (typically $1–5k)
  • The price of the pool surround/decking (if any)
In other words, most above ground pools, installed, cost $4–12k, not including any decking at all. And as you might imagine, decking often times will cost more than the pool itself, especially if you’re looking to surround much of the structure itself.
Millions of us enjoy warm weather every year by swimming in our backyard pools and relaxing in hot tubs. Tragically though, over 200 young children drown in backyard swimming pools each year. The American Red Cross suggests owners make pool safety their priority by following these guidelines:
  • Secure your pool with appropriate barriers. Completely surround your pool with a 4-feet high fence or barrier with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Place a safety cover on the pool or hot tub when not in use and remove any ladders or steps used for access. Consider installing a pool alarm that goes off if anyone enters the pool.
  • Keep children under active supervision at all times. Stay in arm’s reach of young kids. Designate a responsible person to watch the water when people are in the pool—never allow anyone to swim alone. Have young or inexperienced swimmers wear a U.S. Coast Guard-approved life jacket.
  • Ensure everyone in the home knows how to swim well by enrolling them in age-appropriate water orientation and learn-to-swim courses from the Red Cross.
  • Keep your pool or hot tub water clean and clear. Maintain proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration. Regularly test and adjust the chemical levels to minimize the risk of earaches, rashes or more serious diseases.
  • Establish and enforce rules and safe behaviors, such as “no diving,” “stay away from drain covers,” “swim with a buddy” and “walk please.”
  • Ensure everyone in the home knows how to respond to aquatic emergencies by having appropriate safety equipment and taking water safety, first aid and CPR courses from the Red Cross.
  • Teach children water safety and swimming skills as early as possible.
  • Always brief babysitters on water safety, emphasizing the need for constant supervision.
  • Appoint a “designated watcher” to monitor children during social gatherings at or near pools.
  • Equip doors and windows that exit to a pool area with alarms.
  • Install a poolside phone, preferably a cordless model, with emergency numbers programmed into speed-dial.
  • Post CPR instructions and learn the procedures.
  • Keep rescue equipment poolside. Don’t wait for the paramedics to arrive because you will lose valuable life-saving seconds. Four to six minutes without oxygen can cause permanent brain damage or death.
  • Keep a first aid kit at poolside.
  • Install four-sided isolation fencing, at least five feet high, equipped with self-closing and self-latching gates, that completely surrounds the pool and prevents direct access from the house and yard.
  • Maintain constant visual contact with children in a pool or pool area. If a child is missing, check the pool first; seconds count in preventing death or disability.
  • Don’t use flotation devices as a substitute for supervision. Never allow a young child in a pool without an adult.
  • Don’t leave objects such as toys that might attract a child in the pool and pool area.
  • Never prop the gate to a pool area open.
  • Don’t rely on swimming lessons, life preservers, or other equipment to make a child “water safe.”
  • Never assume someone else is watching a child in a pool area.
  • Don’t leave chairs or other items of furniture where a child could use them to climb into a fenced pool area.
  • Don’t think you’ll hear a child who’s in trouble in the water; child drowning is a silent death, with no splashing to alert anyone that the child is in trouble


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Casual Patio has all your backyard needs for the entire Houston-Galveston-Beaumont area, encompassing Southeast Texas.

We have the best above ground pools, spas, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens, and grills. We proudly serve the families of the Houston Texas area from our local Katy Texas location.

Come visit our showroom and see our displays of Doughboy above ground pools, and Nordic hot tubs, located in Katy; just a few minutes out of Houston on I-10.

Address: 3719 N. Fry Road, Katy, Texas 77449

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